The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

It is through social interactions, that children begin to establish a sense of "self" and to learn about their role in an environment. Children model their behavior on their family, peers and others, before realizing what is right and what is not. As children grow older they automatically become part of a group and develop friendships that often last a life time. INTERACT, our weekend Social Groups are a series of entertaining workshops where the children engage in exciting and innovative activities along with peers, each week learning a new skill.

Photography, Baking, 3-D Art, Sculpting, Space Day, Camping, Recycled Art, Carving, Puppetry, Croquet, Self-Defense, Story Telling, Theatre, Costume Designing, Candle Making and zillion other fun things to engage your child in over the weekends!!!

For younger children, the workshops will inculcate social discipline in play such as waiting for their turn, appreciating others, being part of a team with specific roles, sharing experiences, social communication, and learning to positively accept others' points of view by working through conflicts about space, materials or rules. They learn how to win, how to lose, what's appropriate and what's not!

For older children, the workshops will promote sophisticated social skills such as self-regulation, assertiveness, negotiating roles, appreciating and responding to the feelings of others, accepting personal styles and hygiene. They learn that they're both similar to and different from others. They learn about how to lead and how to follow, what's fair and what's not!

Focus will also be on helping children become aware about important but often overlooked aspects of social communication such as paralanguage (intonation, pitch, loudness and rate of speech), facial expressions, inter-personal boundaries (distance, touch) and body language.

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