The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

Designed for pre-school children, this programme is unique in many ways. With the belief that children are natural learners, each of our environments are structured to provide the inspiration they would need to explore different skills. While engaging in fun activities the child is, in fact, constantly "Learning by Doing". Activities include pre-school skills of gross and fine motor movements, cognitive, language and communication skills, creativity and imagination, pre-academic skills and social interaction.

Fun mornings at Mighty Minds !

Music : Music is exciting even while inside mommy's womb, so imagine actually experiencing it LIVE! Our programmes are not just about Nursery Rhymes, it is about Rhythm and Beats - the very essence of Music. Children get to listen to and experiment with varied musical instruments and it's a complete delight when they realize "they" make the music come to life!

Movement : Our stimulating movement environment will have them stretching, bouncing, balancing and dancing with joy. The carefully designed child-safe activities are so much fun while truly intended to enhance body functions such as strengthen joints and muscles, increase blood circulation, and improve digestion, sleep, and bladder/bowel regulation.

Language : Listening to and learning the meanings of new words every day and the excitement of using it in routine activities and conversations is always exciting for toddlers. With environments dedicated to pre-academic skills (Activity room and Library), children will be introduced to new concepts every week.

Social-Emotional: Self-expression, mutual respect and confidence are highly valued. Children are encouraged to engage in positive social interactions such as sharing, turn-taking, bonding, assertiveness and supporting each other.

Play : Creative props offer hands-on explorations each week, with, music lists and suggestions to continue the fun and learning at home. Activities vary from floor to table-top to outdoor. Along with getting your child excited and active, we also emphasize on self-regulation and end every session with calming activities/exercises.

Program Details

Period : One year Pre-School programme (Admission open all through the year)

Frequency : Monday to Friday

Duration : 09:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (children 2-2.5years) and 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (children 2.5-4years)

"Mom's Club" - Moms in the making

Mom's Club is a prenatal mother's group for women in their second trimester of pregnancy. Being a new mother can be exciting and scary at the same time. Mom's Club at The FunMill is an opportunity for women to come together to learn and share their experiences!

This exceptional series brings to you one hour sessions which will help you explore both practical and emotional aspects of this unique phase of life. Sessions will include discussions and hands-on activities regarding relevant topics such as self-care, emotional wellness, connecting with baby and supporting you through all those doubts you have about "life after the baby". This four week series led by an experienced group facilitator will offer you suggestion on practical ways to manage critical areas of becoming a new parent. Join us to be part of a compassionate group where every to-be parent feels comfortable sharing the joys and challenges of this special time. Friendships begin on day one of the group and a sense of trust, support and community develops over the course of the series.

Program Details

Period : 4 sessions (Over a period of one month)

Frequency : Once a week

Duration : One hour

Batch size : 10 mothers