The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

Mommies and Daddies are you sitting at home wondering what to do to stimulate, educate and create a fun and social environment for your toddler? Do you want to meet and mix with other parents and let the kids free to express themselves? Join us in "Giggles", the first-of-its- kind Parent-Child playgroup!

Giggles enhances your little ones movement, singing and imagination skills. Using music and movement (dance and exercise) with mum, dad or caregiver at their side, these sessions encourage your little ones to explore their ability to move, sing, dance and talk. 60 minutes of PURE FUN loaded with bouncing, stretching, stomping, shaking, singing, toys, props and varied sensory activities designed for learning but packed with fun for babies and the caregiver. Even grandparents can join these sessions full of smiles and laughter. Come prepared for a whole lot of Jiggling and Giggling!

The sessions will include: Simple yet amazingly effective and fun physical movements that will encourage your sitter/crawler/walker/climber/runner to use his/her body even more efficiently. Music and language is incorporated with movement making it more meaningful and enjoyable. Creative props offer hands-on explorations each week, with music lists and suggestions to continue the fun and learning at home. Along with getting your child excited and active, we also emphasize on Self-regulation and end every session with calming activities/exercises. We help you recognize how everyday interactions within the family are opportunities for you to develop your child's speech and language skills. Babies love to observe and interact with other active babies. They learn by watching and the weekly interactive routine encourages development of joint attention, imitation, waiting, turn taking and social communication. The integration of all these activities effectively increases the neural connectivity between the two sides of the brain.

Along with an action packed learning experience for your toddler, the programme offers support for caregivers in the form of interactive sessions on relevant topics with helpful ideas to try at home and a platform to share experiences and learn from other parents.

Programme Details

Period : 10 sessions (Within one month)

Frequency : Thrice a week

Duration : One hour

Batch size : 10 families (Caregiver and baby)

The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

Free Style Dance

Dance is a form of expression and an art. Freestyle is spontaneous and individualistic. While dance seems like just a fun activity, there is so much more to this art form. Dance improves co-ordination, muscle tone and strength, spatial awareness, self-esteem, and communication skills. It increases self-awareness and enhances social interaction skills. Freestyle being a flexible dance form, teaches you to dance with your whole body improving your posture, balance, attentiveness and creativity. Children today are daunted by competition, comparisons and the pressure of performance. At Movers and Shakers we give children a platform to let go of all that and become free of any judgment. They learn to move simply with the music and dance purely with their heart.

Freestyle Dance is fun, funky and now available at The FunMill!

Sessions start with a warm-up and children learn to dance in a fun, energetic, yet disciplined environment. Although some performances are choreographed, or partially choreographed, improvisation is the key to Freestyle Dancing. There are no required or structured movements that must be learned and this style allows for individual expression. With the freedom to throw their arms up in a joyous gesture if the song makes them happy, children are encouraged to create new moves and develop a personal style.


There's nothing toddlers like better than climbing over furniture and tumbling around in bed. Gymnastics is an amazing developmental sport with profound impact on a child's whole well-being. It helps increase body awareness, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance. Gymnastics requires children to not only use both sides of their brain separately, but it also requires both sides to work at the same time together! And this fact is what makes Gymnastics a remarkable sport to positively develop a child's concentration, problem solving skills, math, reading and writing in school.

Bouncing on a trampoline, crawling through an obstacle course, balancing on a low beam, hanging on bars and zipping down the trapeze line will become the highlight of your child's week. Even if they are not able to perform somersaults or headstands they'll have a great time trying!


Yes, Yoga for children as young as three years! The tremendous influence of Yoga on developing a healthier body and mind is an increasingly acknowledged fact. And starting Yoga at a young age guides the child into growing into a well disciplined and confident individual. Your child will learn self-control, show better attention and stillness, balance, flexibility, focus, peace, grace, connection, health and well-being.

Wondering if your child is patient enough for Yoga? Don't worry about that. At The FunMill, Yoga is introduced through what children love most – Music! Sound is a great release for children and adds an auditory dimension to the physical experience of yoga. They are encouraged to relate to the postures with things they see and learn about everyday such as Animals, Trees, Numbers and Alphabet. Breathing and Relaxing is taught through stories. When they stretch like a dog, balance like a flamingo, breathe like a bunny, or stand strong and tall like a tree, they make connections within and gain awareness about themselves and their environment.