The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

The FunMill is a ONE-OF-A-KIND movement-based activity and learning center. Set in a specially designed environment that provides children with unique learning experiences, at The FunMill we promote the most natural way of learning for children, through – Movement and Play.

The Fun Mill - Play Is Work

Right from the time of birth, our brain is constantly receiving information through our body; we see, smell, hear, touch, taste, hold and move over things. This information is registered in the brain to recognize and use later to understand and learn new information.

While Learning involves awareness, attention, comprehension, social communication, self-regulation, flexible thinking, memory, problem solving and many more critical cognitive functions, Play is often seen as a recreational activity with no value. On the contrary, there is extensive research attesting that "play IS work" for children.

Play offers children a platform to interact and learn from their environment, setting the foundation for an Independent Learner and Creative Thinker. Children learn best by using their body (like crawling, stretching, bending, running, jumping, climbing, twirling and more) and lack of such Movement deprives the brain of the experiences it seeks.

Children now-a-days are more verbal, curious and competitive than ever before. However, availability of endless entertainment at the touch of a button (TVs, Smart phones, Tablets and computers) is increasingly taking over real life experience and children are becoming addicted to constant visual stimulation. This change is all the more affecting their interaction and performance in activities of daily living (self-care, play and academics).

At The FunMill, we have developed a series of programmes for children right from 6 months up to 12 years of age. Our mission is to provide children with the true learning experience their body-mind is built for and enhance their chances of exploring and reaching their potential. We understand the importance of Play and Movement and the significant role it plays in Child Development and all our programmes aim at implementing this highly researched and increasingly recommended philosophy.

At The FunMill, we believe in preparing the child not just for academic education but also to grow overall as a positive and strong individual.